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Fruit sorbet

Even if we are without a kitchen I will give you recipes. These days I have not had time, between some things and others we have not stopped at home and as I told you a few days ago we are preparing a surprise that we will show you next month ... I am excited. : D Many beautiful things have happened to us lately, we are very lucky: D. I have to tell you a lot of cool things. Let's see if I start writing and I'll tell you everything soon.

I'm leaving, today I get the result of Monday's test. I leave this recipe because the heat squeezes and we need to refresh ourselves. A sorbet does not have much complication. Freeze fruit into small pieces and to crush ... the peach banana provide a very creamy texture, so you can make ice cream with this mixture. You will love it.

Fruit sorbet
2 min
2 min
Total time:
4 min
Author: Rosa Ardá
Servings: 6
  • 800 g of chopped and frozen fruits (banana, kiwi, peach, pear, apple ...)
  • Acaloric sweetener to taste
  • 1 lime or lemon peeled without any white part and without seeds
  • 250 gr of natural yogurt or flavors or to taste.
Steps to follow
  1. Remove the fruits from the freezer a few minutes before preparing the sorbet. Put them in the glass together with the rest of the ingredients and program 2 minutes, progressive speed 5-10. Ready to serve.
I always leave at least the first 30 seconds at speed 5. If it makes you empty and you notice that the machine is not crushing, put the spatula through the mouthpiece and move the contents of the glass, if it is still empty, add ½ or 1 water beaker

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