45 minutes

Galician Filloas, traditional recipe

No, no ... I do not appear in the photo, I am not going to take a pancake! Not even! With how bad they are: DDDD. The culprit of the recipe is my mother in law Elisa that prepares them every time we go home, so this is one of ours, totally homemade ... it is usually done a lot at parties and taking advantage of the “Entroido” we prepare this carnival recipe, surely millions of pancakes will fall all over Galicia, as in that “Meatballs Rain“… I don't even want to imagine it !!
As you can see, we usually take them at home like this, but they admit all kinds of fillings: custard cream, jams, quince, nutella, cream, chocolate, praline cream, Custard, applesauce, fruit in pieces, banana with honey ... whatever you can think of.

You can make them sweet or savory. Mine today are salty and carry half of milk and half of homemade chicken broth. Because when we make them all milk they are more toasted ... but you can vary the proportions to your liking.

Galician Filloas, traditional recipe
60 min
45 min
Total time:
1 h 45 min
Author: Rosa Ardá
Servings: 12
  • 500 g of milk
  • 500 g of cooked broth or water
  • 3 medium eggs
  • a pinch of salt (if salty)
  • 400 g wheat flour
  • a piece of bacon to grease the pan (failing to use EVOO)
  • If you have Filloeira or pan for crêpes better than using the normal pan that is very high.
  • NOTE: If you make them sweet, add a pinch of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar. If they are salty, just salt.
Steps to follow
  1. put all the ingredients inside the Thermomix® glass and program 30 seconds in speed 5. Ready. Let stand 30-60 minutes in the fridge.
  2. Once ready and rested, put a skillet over the heat and spread with the bacon base.
  3. Add with the help of a ladle a little dough of the pancake mixture and spread it on the surface of the pan very hot, making circular movements. If you have crepe, with a stick you extend the "liquid mass" well. It has to be finite !!
  4. When you see that it starts to cook, turn it over with the help of hands or with forks.
  5. When you have both sides cooked you can already stack them on a plate!!! Now it is up to you the filling, you know that if you want you can eat them like this ...

I'll make you the Filloas cake ... but that's another day that I can't see it's me either.
Cachis !!! I said it already. Ok, I only ate two pancakes, I promise!
Kisses to everyone and enjoy the Carnival 2011


Video: Galician filloas (April 2020).