Capresse or “Capri” salad

It is one of my favorite salads. So few ingredients are needed for such a rich and especially tasty recipe. For you to get really good there is a trick. The first is that the tomato is tasty. My favorite tomato is the Rosa tomato in this type of dishes. If you don't know him, ask at your fruit shop for this wonder. Sure it is more expensive but the quality is paid. The second is that you use fresh basil. If you buy it in a story, come home wrap it in film or put it in a vacuum tupper. It spoils soon in contact with the air once cut.

Ah !!! The buffalo mozzarella also that is delicious and the oil of ours but of quality, the mixture will be to suck your fingers. My mouth is watering just thinking about her.

You can not complain. These days I am giving you a lot of easy ideas of rich and very simple things but with a worthwhile result. Let me recommend you for this week: Couscous and Pea Salad, cold cream of tomatoes and basil, country salad, rice salad with vegetables, red pesto,green Y broccoli… and one classic salad. I'm looking forward to the last one: D


If you have not noticed, this Italian salad has the colors of its flag: green, red and white. These Italians are the most !!! I love the country and the gastronomy.
Kisses and enjoy it

Caprese salad
5 min
5 min
Total time:
10 minutes
The capresse or "Capri" salad is one of my favorites. That delicious taste of fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella, a good tomato ... just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Do not miss it.
Author: Rosa Ardá
Recipe Type: Salads
Italian cuisine
Servings: 4
  • 2-3 village tomatoes or Rosa type
  • 1-3 buffalo mozzarella cheeses
  • 1-2 scallions
  • A handful of fresh basil leaves (some we will put them whole to decorate and others we will crush them with the vinaigrette.
  • Coarse salt
  • 30 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 30 g of vinegar
  • (Optional): oregano leaves, freshly ground black pepper
Steps to follow
  1. Wash and dry the tomatoes and cut them into slices. Carefully cut the sliced ​​mozzarellas, do the same with chives. Go placing everything in a bowl by intercalating the ingredients. Add fresh basil leaves above.
  2. Vinaigrette: Put the Thermomix glass on oil, vinegar and a few hours of basil and crush 15 seconds in speed 7. Pour over the salad to taste and finish with salt to taste. You'll love it, it's a delicious salad.

Video: Caprese Salad (April 2020).