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Chorizos in cider

I have a problem with eating sausages: D I love them! When they arrive on weekends I always think of my choripan. Javi who already knows me -xon 25 years together- is the one who gets up early and goes out to buy the ones that I like. We light the barbecue, we open Ávila's bread and we eat so comfortable a sausage sandwich. This is really wonderful. They are the small pleasures of life, such as cheese, wine, pie, octopus, churrasco and grilled frango Portuguese.

I have my hobbies and I just want these. Just today I took them to snack at the health center, and they have been very successful, none has been left.

Cider Chorizos will be what you want - calories, fat, cholesterol - but more succulent impossible and that is why this is my proposal for this weekend. Ciders or beers with friends, a good bread and the rest we prepare in the Thermomix®. Chorizos ready, cooked in cider and with a bay leaf, will come out delicious. Cut them into slices and yum.


Are you already adding sausage to the shopping list ???

Chorizos in cider
1 min
40 min
Total time:
41 min
There is nothing more "typical Spanish" than chorizo ​​with bread. This recipe is Asturian, but in Madrid it is very normal to see tapas like this in the most traditional bars. Enjoy. Let's get fine
Author: Rosa Ardá
Type of recipe: Snack, starters
Spanish Cuisine
Servings: 8
  • 1 bottle of Natural Cider (680-700 ml)
  • 1 bay leaf (optional)
  • 6-8-10 fresh and good sausages, better if they are Asturian;)
  • Village bread at discretion
Steps to follow
  1. Prick the skin of the sausages with the help of a fork so that when they cook, they release all the fat.
  2. Pour into the glass of the Thermomix® all the cider, put the basket inside, the bay leaf, and the sausages (I tumble them and place them on top of each other). Program 40 minutes, Varoma, speed 1.
  3. Do not burn, remove each sausage and cut into slices. Serve in a clay bowl using part of the sauce that has remained in the glass and accompany with village bread, you will suck your fingers. If you want to avoid fat, do not directly use any of the sauce ... to your liking.
-These sausages are taken warm with bread. You will see that they do not repeat you;)
-You can use chistorra instead of chorizo, to your liking, but whatever you use, make it of good quality.
-If you have left over, store them in a tupper in the fridge and heat them with a microwave punch Or prepare them in advance to have them ready when you get home with friends.

Video: Cranble. Cider Braised Chorizo (April 2020).