Fresh pasta with seafood

When you think you can no longer forget it, yes you can.
When you think it's too late, you're out, don't look at the clock, act.

If I had given up, I wouldn't be here. I thought it didn't come, that the precious Challenge “Everything for Pasta” It escaped me. No, here I am, being part of that huge book that Rosa has edited with such love.

Forgetting everything in front of me, I put on my apron and enjoyed. Just a few hours after the deadline, I decided that I had to participate by demonstrating, once again, that power is wanting.


I bring you a wonderful plate of Pasta with Fruits of the Sea, that's what I wanted to call it when I signed up among the participants. It is a dish that we have been doing at home for a long time and it is my mother who is in charge of preparing it, but it has been months since I made it at home and we have turned it into a delicacy. It is wonderful to eat pasta, but it is a luxury to be fresh. Making it at home is priceless and savoring it will only make you think about the next ingredients you are going to add because your pasta will always be fresh.

Well that's how I made this dish, in a hurry, with my mother on the phone explaining how to cook the fruits of the sea and the roll of my KA at full speed stretching the dough. Some quick photos of an inexperienced photographer who shot for the first time in manual and very excited to show my work. Result: enjoy cooking, fall in love even more with my KA and Italian cuisine and give the palate an exquisite dish worth trying. I invite you to prepare it, it is a true gift for the senses.

Ana Rose“Ana's things”

Fresh pasta with seafood
For the pasta:
(We got about 450gr, I removed a little once cooked to eat it in another recipe)
300gr of flour
3 eggs
a tablespoon of olive oil

To accompany:
3 medium squids
250gr of clams
a dozen prawns or prawns
one onion
a tomato
a small glass of water
A small glass of white wine
stir frying oil
3 garlic
3 chillies (optional)
two bay leaves
salt and pepper

To make the pasta:
1. Put all the ingredients in the glass of the KitchenAid and mix, with the shovel, at speed 1 until it is well integrated.
2. Replace the blade with the kneading hook and knead, to speed 2, between 5-8 minutes.
3. Make a ball with the dough, wrap in plastic wrap and let stand one hour in the refrigerator.

For the accompaniment of seafood:
1. Put oil in a large, deep pan. When hot, add the garlic fillets.
2. Next, add the squid, very clean and sliced. Salpimenta
3. When golden brown, grate the onion and tomato on the pan and let sauté a few minutes.
4. Add the bay leaves, chillies (optional), prawns and clams (previously, we have left them in water and salt to release the soil) until they open.
5. Pour the glass of water and white wine. The measure is approximate, we put the amount to leave the filling almost covered, it is not necessary to cover.
6. Once it breaks to boil, lower the heat and let it cook until it is a little warm. There should be a sauce that then bathes the pasta, not dry.
I have begun to prepare this accompaniment within half an hour of having the dough at rest. Thus, while we cook, we can begin to stretch and cut to have everything ready more or less at the same time.

To finish our pasta:
1. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and cut it into four parts. Stretch slightly with the roller and reserve.
2. Attach the pasta sheet roller to the KA and, with the adjustment button in position 1, pass each portion of pasta slowly, at speed 2. Work each by folding in three parts and passing it about four or five times.
3. When the dough is no longer sticky, place the roller in position 2 and pass each portion through it, this time without bending. Pass the roller two or three times in each position, until the desired thickness is achieved. Reservation.
4. Place the chosen accessory to cut the paste and start the operation. Today I preferred to make noodles.
5. Cook in abundant salt water, with a dash of olive oil. It is done right away, control the time
6. Drain and pass under the cold water tap.

We already have our two preparations ready to mix. Do it in a large and lucid bowl. I place it in a large white plate special for pasta in which it is beautiful.
I encourage you to try it.

Video: Andy Makes Seafood Pasta. From the Test Kitchen. Bon Appétit (April 2020).