Melon with mojito

“I discovered the mojito relatively recently”but at the welcome party we did to my granddaughter Lola I caught up with everyone who hadn't taken me before.

It is possible that one day I will be encouraged and put in the goal the graphic documents of the party with the permission of the Community President. (permission granted)

This recipe is again a 2 x 1 because in one of the pastry classes I attend, we made a mojito sorbet that is very good, so I take the opportunity to prepare it and “nothing is thrown here”.


Melon with mojito
1 ripe melon
Sugar (enough to sprinkle and burn)

For the mojito
170 gr. Brown sugar
3 gr. Peppermint
1 Lima
680 gr. from Seven Up or Ginger Ale
70 gr. by Ron Añejo

1.- Introduce sugar, peppermint and lime skin into the glass (only the green part, the juice I reserve to make the sorbet) and program 5-7-9 until everything is well crushed.
2.- Add the rest of the ingredients and program maximum speed until well integrated. Reserve in a large bowl.
3.- Cut the melon into segments, remove the skin and seeds and chop.
4.- Introduce the melon pieces in the mojito and let macerate inside the refrigerator covered with film, at least 3 hours.
5.- Drain the melon well in a colander until serving time. Just before, put some sugar on top of each piece and burn with a kitchen torch or with a burner.


-The Seven Up or Ginger Ale It can be changed to soda, tonic or siphon, but I like it better with the former. What cannot be changed is the aged rum and it has to be of good quality.

-To make the sorbet, I also add the lime juice (it makes it more intense) but as always that goes in tastes. The sugar can be brown, white or a mixture of both but always the final amount has to be fixed because the sugar acts as an antifreeze in the sorbet.

-I calculate between five or six pieces of melon per person for this dessert but that also goes in the diners that are going to sit at your table and how “larpeiros” they are.

Video: Watermelon Mojito a Perfect Summer Mocktail Recipe Quick Making Video by Cooking Simplified (April 2020).