120 minutes

Pumpkin Fritters

Vicky Ortiz
“Today, the day of San José, the 2010 failures. Since tomorrow, we started preparing those of 2011. This year the 1st Special Section Prize has fallen to the Marzal Jerusalem-Mathematical Convent Fault, with the title “Heading to Paradise”, it is a precious fault as you can imagine.
I wanted to make pumpkin fritters typical of Valencia in Fallas. To do this, I started looking for a good recipe and found it in the Canecositas Recipe from a Valencian thermomixera de pro, Alicia or Canelona, ​​for those of us who know it in this recipe.

The donut hole has its technique, he taught me the "buñolera" that is in my town and that is every morning of Fallas making fritters. It is very difficult to explain them with words, but with the buñero that made Rosa the Candil donuts They can look pretty good.

Well, here I leave the recipe for you to give a surprise to all the Dads of the world today. Happy Father's Day, Happy St. Joseph's Day, to Josefas, Mª Josefas, Pepes and Pepitas and happy “Cremá” to all the faller @ s.
I hope you like it".


1/2 kg of pumpkin cooked or roasted in the oven (here we find it in already made bread ovens)
500gr of force flour
110gr of fresh yeast
100gr of soda (liquid)
100gr of water
lemon zest (optional)

1.- Put the pulp of the pumpkin in the glass and crush 1 minute at speed 4, it will be mashed.
2.- Mix the flour with the yeast and pour it into the glass, mix everything 20 seconds in speed 6.
3.- Add the soda and water and mix 30 seconds in speed 6.
4.- Introduce the dough in a large bowl, cover it with transparent film and wait an hour for your volume to increase in a warm place (you can help yourself from the oven by putting it at 50º, covering the bowl with a cloth or film so that the crust does not come out).
5.- Once you have doubled your volume, moisten your hands with water and go forming the fritters and frying them in abundant hot oil. Serve immediately with the sugar-coated donuts.

Video: How To Make Trinidad Pumpkin Fritters (April 2020).