120 minutes

Madrid lemonade

I had never heard of a "Madrid lemonade" until this Christmas ... I do not know if it is an invention or has really existed forever ... if anyone knows this story to tell me.
I tried this recipe in the Christmas class of my delegation from Majadahonda, it is very rich, although there are several factors that influence decisively, one is the type of wine we use, its quality, and secondly it is important to let this wine macerate With the cinnamon stick 24 hours, so it goes even richer. It is said: D

To macerate the day before:
100gr of sugar
1 liter of white wine
1 cinnamon stick
For the lemonade:
2 whole and very clean lemons
1 liter of water
2 soda envelopes (I used the Mercadona blues) *
To decorate:
1 heartless apple and diced
the skin of 1 lemon (only the yellow part)
Ice cubes to serve the drink

1.- Pour the sugar, the liter of white wine and the cinnamon stick into a jar and let stand 24 hours. Reservation.
2.- The next day: Put the two whole lemons in the glass together with the liter of water and put the machine in a closed glass. Place the beaker in position and grab it, press the TURBO button all the time until 2 seconds appear on the screen.
3.- Add the two soda envelopes and stir with the spatula. Put the basket in the glass, strainer and pour the lemonade over the wine that has rested ...
You will need a jug of a liter and a half approx.
4.- Already you can add the “decoration” elements to the jar, lemon peel, fruit pieces and ice cubes if you wish. Ready


Note: if you have apples with red skin, surely you will be much more colorful ... as it was so cold it has given me laziness to go out for them and I have put bits of reinette: D

TMX Majadahonda classes recipe

Video: Madrid Lemonade Gopro Edition SArcastics Productions oct 2014 (April 2020).