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'Automatic' custard on TM5

Who said fear? Taking advantage that Ro is giving the last push to the oppositions and involved with the # VC14 next Saturday, I have taken complete control of the New Thermomix. Actually I've been messing with her for a whole week and I still have a little trouble getting the controls on the touch screen. I guess it will be a matter of time. Just in case we haven't removed the old one from the kitchen ... (Concha, I promise you I'll get used to the new one).

Ro is preparing a post with the Good and bad things that has this new model that in addition to the guided kitchen (to which I do not finish seeing the grace) includes a series of automatic recipes in which you have nothing more to put the ingredients and the rest is paid by the pot. The truth is that the list is limited to three unique recipes something that I do not quite understand because there are many that can be done in one step, see the Stewed lentils (that in the new model continue to emerge great from death, I attest.). I understand that they will be adding more when they review the firmware of the TM5.

Among the three that it brings, are the 'Automatic' custard. Are the lifelong custard but being in the robot's memory, he is responsible for setting the time and temperature. The machine gives the option to prepare 3 or 6 portions, if you want them loose, normal or thick and you can make them from cocoa or the traditional ones. I have done half and half. That is, 3 portions of each. In seven minutes they are ready.

'Automatic' custard on TM5
8 min
8 min
Total time:
16 min
Recipe for the new Thermomix TM5 from Custard made using the automatic recipe menu. There are both versions: Cocoa and vanilla.
Author: Casal
Recipe Type: Desserts
Spanish Cuisine
Servings: 6
  • For 3-4 portions:
  • 500 gr. of whole milk
  • 60-100 gr. of sugar.
  • 5 gr. cornstarch
  • 2 eggs
  • Cocoa:
  • Add 20 gr. of cocoa powder if you want those of cocoa
  • Vanilla:
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla instead of cocoa.
Steps to follow
  1. If you do it with the TM5, you just have to place the ingredients in the order indicated by the machine. If you do it with the TM31 add:
  2. Add milk, sugar, cornstarch, 2 eggs, cocoa or vanilla and program 8 minutes, temperature 90º and speed 4.
  3. Serve in molds and wait for it to cool. Ready!