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Striped pie step by step with Thermomix

Today we are celebrating !! Every time in the Facebook group “Cook with Thermomix” we add 1000 more friends, we propose a recipe to make between all and fill the wall With our photos. The other page we have in "Spoon Speed" and there we are a few less because it has been less open time, but that is where we put all the news of VC and of Community, so whoever wants to double, is invited :)

This time we reached the 13,000 friends, almost nothing ... the cake had to be different but as I know there are new people who still do not dare much, I have opted for a striking recipe but not impossible to make and with chocolate. And speaking of this ingredient, don't forget that we recently launched our recipe book “Everything with chocolate” that you can download for free ...

I hope the Step by Step I helped you understand it well. The ingredients are simple, so:


It goes for you! jijiji

Striped cake
Ingredients for 12 portions:
8 eggs
100gr of sugar
2 teaspoons honey
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
100gr pastry flour

Filling Cream:
350gr of butter in pieces at room temperature
120gr of milk
120gr of sugar glass
40gr of pure cocoa powder

200gr of cream
200gr chocolate fondant chopped
100gr of whole walnuts (garnish) and the rest chopped.

Chop the nuts during 2 seconds in speed 4.Reservation
Chop the chocolate during 30 seconds in speed 5. Reservation

1.- Preheat the oven to 200ºC. We are going to make the two plates that we will use for the cake separately.
2.- Put the butterfly and add 4 eggs, 50gr of sugar, a teaspoon of honey and one of vanilla extract and mixture 4 minutes at 37º and speed 3 and a half.
3.- Time is up, program same time and speed.
4.- Add 50gr of flour and mix 10 seconds in speed 3. Remove the butterfly, finish wrapping with the spatula and pour over a rectangular mold lined with 20X30X1cm baking paper or in your baking sheet. Bake at 200 ° C for approximately 7 minutes.
5. Repeat the operation, and make your second cake plate.

Eye: if you put the two plates in contact, one on top of the other, it may be a little more difficult to take them off.

Filling cream
6.- Wash the glass and place the clean butterfly. Put all the ingredients in the filling and program 3 minutes at speed 3.

7.- Meanwhile, remove the paper from the baked sponge cake plates, and cut them into strips (in 3 equal strips) and pour the filling cream on top as if you were smearing nocilla.

8.- Begin to roll the strips, first one and go incorporating the following ones, making an increasingly large loop. You will have to do it with both plates. The result will be a big stuffed roll, like the one in the photo.

9.- Place the sponge cake standing on a tray, smooth the surface and sides with the spatula and enter the refrigerator about 2 hours before continuing.

Do not forget to try your cake. The filling is great. Do not let me see it any longer or I will eat it myself!

Coverage: Prepare the cover after 2 hours of rest inside the refrigerator.
10.- Put the cream in the clean glass and program 3 minutes, 100º, speed 2.
11.- Add the chocolate and mix 30 seconds at speed 3. A homogeneous cream will remain. Let temper.

12.- Remove the cake from the fridge. With the help of a pastry shovel or a flat skimmer, pass the cake to a rack - when you pour the chocolate it will drain better-, with kitchen paper underneath to collect the chocolate that falls. Pour coverage well all over the “Striped cake”.

13.- Upholster the sides of the cake with the chopped nuts and decorate with the whole nuts. Reserve in the fridge until serving time.

Note: If you think it will be very heavy to do it all the same day, you can make the bases the day before and leave them in the fridge covered with transparent film so they do not dry out.
The fillings can vary to your liking: nutella, dulce de leche, custard, etc ...
For take advantage of the chocolate that has drained on the rack, you just have to pick it up with a spatula and mix it with the nuts, to make some delicious chocolates. Make balls with a spoon, put them on baking paper and to the fridge.

Source: Vorwerk

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