45 minutes

Chicken with San Fernando sauce

Long live Mexico and its stuffed burritos !!!! What a sin ... they are all delicious.

Ingredients (only to have a filling for fajitas for 6 people):
150 gr of roasted peanuts *
1 teaspoon ground cumin
4 grains of pink pepper
2 cloves
500 gr of halved tomatoes
150 gr chopped onion
1 clove garlic
2 chipotle peppers or a half spicy chilli pepper (I was wrong and I put 4 chilli peppers, can you imagine?)
1 tablespoon of epazote (Mexican herbs) This is optional, I did not find them *
200 gr of water
30 gr of oil
2 tablets of poultry or salt broth *
1 kg of chicken breasts cut into pieces

1.- We put the peanuts, cumin, pink pepper and cloves in the glass, and we program 8 minutes, Varoma temperature, spoon speed.
2.- Add the tomatoes, onions, garlic, chili, ezapote (if you have succeeded), and water, crush 30 seconds at speed 10.
3.- Add the oil, the broth tablets and the chicken, and program 30 minutes, temperature 100º, turn left (butterfly on the blades if you have the TM21), spoon speed.
4.- If desired, we separate the chicken from the sauce and put it back in the glass to fray it 2 seconds in speed 4 (very careful, because I passed here and I was too crushed).


Note: This is already one of the fillings for Mexican tortillas.
He Chipotle pepper It is a smoked and dry jalapeno pepper, not too spicy. It is a basic ingredient in Mexican cuisine. It is usually found in the Supermarkets of El Corte Inglés. But if it can't be found, we can replace it with half a tablespoon of chili or a cayenne pepper.

Special diets *: replace the poultry broth tablets with salt or use a homemade preparation. Suitable for egg allergy, lactose intolerant, celiac and diabetic. The ingredients with an asterisk that are sensitive to being in an intolerance or allergy, you should always check that your ingredients are suitable.

Source: Book“I cook my way” by Vorwerk

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