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New York: Nathan's Famous on Coney Island

The most mythical site of Coney Island is called Nathan's Famous !!! Welcome to the best known sausage in NY with its headquarters is this mythical beach. Of course the food can not be considered healthy, but if you are a little Yankee geek you can not miss it and also the dogs are really good.

You will see how people stand in line to catch their normal puppy, with chili, or with chili and cheese before stretching on the beach towel or going to the “Wonder Wheel” or “Cyclone” ferris wheel, and I'll tell you more, if you are a fan of the movie "Big" you will see that Coney also has Zoltar, who has predicted a long life full of hard work: D

Nathan's has an annual "dog debtors" contest celebrating in its own way the famous July 4 "National Holiday Day". This year the winner has taken 68 puppies to his mouth !! almost nothing.


It is the best located place, it has no loss, as soon as you leave the subway at Coney Island, you will find it in front of you although you can find branches around Manhattan, but I recommend you go to know the area - only for geeks. Surely it sounds like many movies and also take the opportunity to enjoy "Luna Park."

  • Sausage: Nathan's famous
  • Direction: 1310 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
  • Web: //
  • We recommend: We haven't tried them all, but their simple sausage is delicious
  • Price: each normal puppy cost $ 3.80 in 2011