When and how to use the turbo button

The Thermomix has the manual speed, the roulette that goes from the spoon speed to 10, but you have the option of going to 10 without turning the roulette wheel. That is theTURBO speed and it will only work if you have your glass in the closed position, as it appears in the photograph.

When we use the TURBO or Speed ​​10, the maximum of our Thermomix?

  • This speed is used to chop very hard ingredients like a ham tip to add to your croquettes, but it is also used for grate, grind and pulverize if used in progressive speed 5-10. Surely you can get glass sugar at these speeds in your home: D
  • To use this speed you have to take a few precautions: never fill the glass more than half the capacity so as not to force the blades.
  • Never leave the Thermomix at full speed alone in the kitchen, if the ingredient is very hard and especially at the beginning, the TMX can move and fall off the countertop. Since it is usually a short time, if you move a lot, wait until you have stung enough to leave safely. Y remember to grab the beaker Because he can shoot out. If you use the Turbo, you will not be able to separate because you will need to press the button to make it work: D
  • As a security measure, The Turbo will not work if your glass exceeds 60ºC to avoid splashes and a burn.
  • The use of the Turbo is usually 2-3 seconds. For example in the lemonade you must press 2 seconds. To chop a piece of ham for croquettes will be 3 seconds in turbo.

Burns: If you ever suffer a burn at home, the first thing you have to do is put the burned area in cold water as long as you can so that that area does not continue to burn (even take a bucket with your hand in water, it is better ; D). Do not put sugar, or toothpaste, or oil, or your baby's ass cream - unusable home remedies - just cool the area and go to the emergency room so they can give you proper treatment.

Video: LGR - PC Turbo Buttons (April 2020).