15 minutes

Crocanti ice cream

100gr of roasted almonds in the oven
4 eggs (egg yolks separated)
1 pinch of salt
500gr of whipping cream
150gr of sugar glass
Liquid candy for a puding mold

1.- Caramelize the mold where you are going to put the ice cream with the liquid caramel. Reservation.
2.- Add the sugar to the glass and program 30 seconds in progressive speed 5-10. Remove and reserve.
3.- Put the almonds in the glass and chop them 4 seconds at speed 5. Remove and reserve.
4.- Put in the glass the butterfly and add the egg whites with a pinch of salt and mount them on the verge of snow programming 4-5 minutes at speed 3-1 / 2. Remove and reserve.
5.- Without washing the glass, return the butterfly to the blades, add the glass sugar and the very cold cream. Ride at 3-1 / 2 speed without time, until you see that it is semi-listed.
6.- When the cream is semi-blended, add the meringue (whites mounted), the yolks and mix 7 seconds in speed 3-1 / 2.
7.- Add the almonds with the spatula and mix gently. Pour everything into the caramelized mold and freeze.

Video: Polos de nata y chocolate crocanti Cream and crunchy chocolate popsicles (April 2020).